Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Catching UP

After returning from Mexico I helped my sister pack her stuff for her move to Puerto Vallarta, MX. We will put our childhood home on the market next month. Our parents bought it new in 1962. End of an era.
I also attended to Serenity's wounds.

Serenity's mirror kissed a truck in Mexico. Benlow RV in Irwindale CA executed an excellent and  speedy repair.

I added additional support and patched the bay that dropped out in Mexico. 

I discovered that my receiver was cracked. I shouldn't have added that spare tire to my motorcycle rack. I found a used receiver in MO.

I spent some enjoyable time with sons and granddaughters .

Rachel is a wicked Othello player. She's smiling because white is her color

Emma loves ice skating.

I am now back with Linda in beautiful New Hampshire. It has been cool and rainy with a few sunny days.

Lakes and ponds are everywhere.

Linda and Maddie on our morning walk

Spring is busting out all over 

Linda is very creative and crafts fine jewelry 

Bracelet with cultured Emeralds and White Sapphires


  1. Nice to hear from you... glad you're getting those morning walks in. :-)

  2. Same here, I walk my road if it's not raining, I might melt.....