Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Sumidero Canyon

Sumidero Canyon was created when a crack opened in the earth's surface allowing the Grijalva River to carve out this magnificent chasm. Mother nature began this creation 35 million years ago.

Our party of 14 took a 40 passenger boat for the 2.5 hours tour of the canyon. Our boat seated four across. There are smaller boats that seat 12 passengers two across so everyone has a seat on the gunnel.

The Virgin of Guadalupe shrine

Some people see the face of Jesus in the rocks to the right of the ladder, it escaped me.

The canyon narrows and the walls ascend 

The "Christmas Tree" formed by mineral laden water emerging from a spring higher on the canyon wall.

3000 feet to the top

Father/daughter having a great day

The American Crocodile 

Mom and baby just hanging out

After the boat ride we drove along the canyon rim.

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