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On the Road Again

 I has been a wonderful time visiting with my family, but now it's time to hit the road again.

Valley of Fire State Park NV

Many times in my travels I have bypassed Valley of Fire Park. This is the year to finally take a look.

The warm red rock formations are the raiments of ancientent sand dunes that formed 150 million 

Looking a little sad, but the flowers got enough rain to produce seeds

Stairway to the petroglyphs

Some of these glyphs are 4,000 years old

There is also a small arch 

There are two first come, first served campgrounds.  Dry camping for out of state residents is $25. Entry in to the park is $15 per day. So my one night of camping was $55, very pricey. I don't see any reason for a return visit. 

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