Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Banff National Park

 We arrived on an overcast cloudy day obscuring the grandure of the mountains. The rest of the week they were visible through a thick smokey haze. We arrived mid week at Waterfowl Lakes Campground and had no problem finding five spaces. Waterfowl is the largest first come first serve campground in the park. 

Columbia Ice field

This is either Bert or Ernie, two elk that frequent this vista point

Maligne Canyon near Jasper

The beginning of Maligne Canyon

You can follow a trail for several miles as the rushing water carves into the rock

Deeper and deeper it goes

Athabasca Falls near Jasper

Bow Lake

Moraine Lake

We saw several bears

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  1. Welcome to Canada! I was in Jasper Park last year around this time. Beautiful part of the world, that's for sure.