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The Really Big Show

For the annual manufactures fireworks show I had decided to splurge, $250, and stay in SARA park where the  fireworks were going to be set off from. I assumed that I would be in the center of the action and within walking distance of the grandstands. Wrong. The fireworks are set off at the Speedway and those dry camping are located line of sight 0.7 miles away at the Rodeo grounds. To get to the grandstand at the Speedway requires 2.2 mile drive through heavy traffic.  We decided not to brave the traffic getting to the grandstands and watched from our rigs at the rodeo grounds. We could see all the fireworks that were launched in the night sky, but missed out on the fireworks closer to the ground.   The better option is to camp across hi-way 95 from the entrance to SARA park. 34.450188, -114.244203  There is a no overnight camping sign that is not enforced. Camping there, for free,  you are only 0.4 mile from the fireworks and a 0.4 mile walk to the grandstands. It was dazzling show. Three nights of non stop fireworks.

There was a band each night before the show

It was a wonderful show.

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