Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Bluewater Lake State Park

It looks like this park has been abandoned by the state. All structures composting in place except for one operational out house. But not today abandoned, a ranger came around and collected the $8 per day camping fee. The google map shows nice RV spaces where I am parked. I was totally shocked when I saw it. There is nothing around me to indicate there were ever any spaces here. (35.30355, -108.10848) I assume it was abandoned because the dramatic drop in the lake level. The boat ramp no where near the water. But a nice quite spot to spend a couple of days. A positive note, I ran the generator all day and it never missed a beat. 

A few of the locals.

Albuquerque bound

This is a long long rig. I think the truck alone is longer then Serenity. Interstates only and expensive RV parks,

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