Humbug Mountain OR


The Beautiful Wine Country

I have arrived safely, no problems, no breakdowns, at my brother's place in Healdsburg, CA.  What luck, Don and Ann were throwing a party. Great people and good food.

John and Eric
Frances, Ann, Deb

Shon and Rob

You will notice that this a wine country party. Wine glasses are required. My glass of Dr. Pepper did look a little lonely here.

Sue is asking a question about the rules for the scavenger hunt we are about to embark on. Our team won.


Diner was pasta salad, water melon and lamb burgers
  Hot meat coming up.

Chocolate cake with whip cream and fresh picked black berries. Ann stole them from her neighbors bushes. 

                                            Playing Balderdash

Checking the Grapes

Don and a friend crush  a ton of zinfandel each year that makes 50 or 60 cases of wine. We drove out to check the sugar content.

Bike riding is very popular here.
Don gathers grapes to check the sugar content. It is  22.5 brix. They will be harvested when it reachs 24 to 25 brix, in about 7 to 10 days.

Zinfandel grapes. Here in Dry Creek Valley outside Headsburg they are about $2000 a ton. The same grape in Napa valley sells for an additional $10,000 a ton. A lot to pay for a name.

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