Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Fort Pulaski

In April of 1862 the Rebel occupied Fort Pulaski was attacked by Union forces. They took 112 days to dig in their gun batteries a mile from the fort. On April 10th the Union forces open fire using new rifled artillery pieces. The South considered the 7.5 foot thick masonry wall impervious to cannon fire. The thinking of the day was that beyond 700 yards smooth bore cannon and mortars were ineffective. But the new rifled cannons proved so destructive that the Rebel forces surrendered after 30 hours of shelling.

Inner gates

Soldiers' quarters

Rank has it's privilege 

Small cannon
Better cannon

The big boys are up on the ramparts

Even though much of the damage from Union artillery was repaired, some damage still remains.

No more masonry forts were ever built.

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