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Savannah, GA

I have rejoined my friends traveling up the east coast. Even though it is raining, eight of us decided to drive into Savannah.

I left sunny California for this!!!!

All the streets are lined with beautiful spanish moss draped oak trees

We went to the old River Front. It was the working waterfront in the 1700 & 1800s. 
It is now the Pier 39 of Savannah.  The rain stopped and we had fun exploring the waterfront.

Streets paved with ballast stones.

l-r  Paul, Arlene, Ellie, PJ, Donna Lee, Mel

The SS Savannah. "A lone steamship in a world of sail.This Staunch vessel departed Savannah May 22, 1819 and arrived Liverpool June, 20, 1819, to become the first steam powered ship to cross the far reaches of the Atlantic Ocean."

I love the eclectic mix of building materials.

Down spout detail

I had the fried oysters and they were great.

I passed on a T shirt

More of the wonderful Oak trees


  1. Even when it's raining it looks like a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Yes it is a beautiful city. There is so much history here.