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Acadia National Park

Maine is gorgeous and Acadia is spectacular. But in that east vs. west thing, I would rate Acadia an 8 and the Northern California coast a 10.

Bar Harbor

If I remember my Roman Numerals correctly, this fountain in the central square was build in 1906

You can take 2 and 4 hour cruises on this beautiful ship 

A walk along the waterfront. You can see some of the grand homes here

 Bar Harbor rivaled New Port as a summer play ground for the rich. They built their "summer cottages" along this spectacular coast. In 1947 a fire burned a three miles swatch through Bar Harbor and 68 of these "cottages" were incinerated, ending an era.

 Acadia National Park

A head land protecting this cove and slows the long shore current so it drops its sand load here, forming Sandy Beach. It is the only sandy beach in Acadia

The rocky coast of Maine is pink here due to larger amounts feldspar in the granite

One of the two gate lodges built by Rockefeller to keep cars off the carriage roads he had built around Acadia. You can hike, bike, or take ride carriages along this extensive road network. 

Cadillac Mountain, the parks high point

Paul, me, Adelle on Cadillac Mountain

Deep in the earth, the granite cracked. A dark, softer rock called Diabse filled the crack forming a dike.

Life is good

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