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Canada, Oh Canada

On the road to St. John, the largest city in New Brunswick. This highway is much smoother than the Maine roads.

We are camped above Reversing Falls. Again the 20+ tidal flux creates a rapid when the tide changes.(45.25673, -66.08834)

You can take a jet boat ride through Reversing Falls

My view of downtown St. John

Patrica, Paul, Adelle's beau and Adelle

The museum has an excellent whale exhibit and out docent did a great job. She is standing before a model of a Right Whale called Delliah. The whalers of yore called them Right Whale because they were slow, curious coming close to the ship and floated when dead. The right ones to harpoon.

Delliah's skelton

Delliah was a baleen whale that filtered a tiny crustacean called krill out of the water with her hairy baleens in her mouth, as much as 2000 lb/day. Baleen whales are also different from tooth whales in that they have two blow holes and tooth whales only one.

Beluga mother with calf. The calfs are born grey and when they learn to dive they will rub against rocks to remove their sluffing grey skin, becoming white for the rest of their life.

The wonderful building of downtown were all built in the 1870's and are still in use today.

The Central Market. All kinds of produce and meats.

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    These folks live where you are (on the Bay of Funday) and have a tourist business there. They are one of the blogs I follow. So some of your pictures look very familiar. Looks like you're having fun.

    1. Thanks for the link. Having a great time. Thanks for stopping by.