Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Movie Museum

Lone Pine is a funky little town that has catered to the movie industry for decades. 

I love the old weathered signs. Maybe John Wayne shopped here.

The movie museum was well worth the $5 admission price. 

Coat and hat John Wayne wore in the Shootist.

Tyrone Power's costume from King of the Kyber Rifles - 1953

A jerk vest used to pop a rider off his feet or horse when he reached the end of his rope

Pipe gun prop used in Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Temple built for Gunga Din. It no longer exists.

BIG worms burrowing through the earth in 1996

One of the animatronics puppets used in Tremors 2 


Prop guns

When younger Saturdays meant cartoons and a Roy Rogers double feature. Mom would drop me off and picked me up a couple of hours later.

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