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Old Friends

I am at my friend Cliff's place in Carson City, NV. It is always good to see Cliff and it gives me a chance to do maintenance. I have installed a new step sensor so it extends every time I open the door. I have almost broken my neck when it did not extend. Also some new gasket material around a leaky basement door.

Refreshing some tired wood work.

Mike and Lori are visiting from Indiana. Mike, Cliff and I are old high school friends. Mike became a civil engineer and has worked on State Department construction projects all over the wold. I had not seen him since 1968 and it was great to catch-up and reminisce about our well spent youth.

Cliff gave us an excellent tour of the Nevada State Museum housed in the old Carson City Mint building. They are standing in front of the scale used to weigh the bullion used to mint coins.

Trip to Virginia City ... NOT  

Heading out to Virginia City Mike's car developed quite a vibration. We thought it was a flat, but it turned out that three studs had broken off and the rear tire was wobbling badly. He was lucky that this happened here and not out in the middle of nowhere. 

The Ford dealer had him back on the road in a few hours. 

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