Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Beauty Revealed

We bought some raw opal at the show for us to play with.

We are using dermel tools to carve away the matrix surrounding the opal.

With some careful work you can reveal the colorful opal inside. Next the opal needs to be polished to bring out even more fire and color.

Some of my favorite RV things

Happy Bowls save water because you do not need to wash down the side of the bowl. They make them for porcelain toilets also

Good Grips ice cube tray. It will not spill, is stackable, and the ice cubes are easily ejected.

Two great apps. Overdrive allows me to download print or audio books from the library. I like to listen to books while driving. Dish Align makes dish alignment easy. 

I installed Horst Miracle Probes 6 years ago. I just drilled new holes next to the old fouled sensors and moved the wire over. Twenty minute operation. Never had a false reading since. 

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