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Got Solar?

Linda had Starlight Solar install solar on her new rig. I have been extremely happy with the excellent install they did on my rig last year.  I hope Linda is as happy with her solar panels.

Linda had two solar panels installed at the factory. They proved to be underwired and woefully inadequate. She has learned that you need really heavy wire from the panels to the controller which needs to be placed as close to the batteries as possible. 

Removing her two old panels and installing the rail system that will raise the new panels so they are not shaded by anything on the roof. Individual solar cells are wired in series in the panel and shading any part will drastically reduce the electrical output. 

The crew at work. 

Linda checking on the progress.

The work completed by days end.

All finished up. Six panels are generating 1,440 watts of power to charge her 8 AGM batteries.  She has been running her generator several hours a day to meet the needs of her all electric rig. She is hoping to cut that back to an hour or less a day.

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