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La Conner

La Conner was first settled in May 1867 thriving on logging and fishing. It was once the county seat of Skagit County. Today it is a quaint town of 900 that now flourishes on tourism. 

Many of the historical building have been repurposed as restaurants and art galleries. There is thriving art colony here and a couple of galleries caught my eye. I was lusting after the stunning glass pieces in the Earthworks Gallery and the furniture and sculpted wood pieces in the Wood Merchant exhibited exceptional craftsmanship. 

Local whimsy

One of the beautiful old homes.

Tomorrow I head into Canada.

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  1. Glad you are having a good time :) I spent the day painting grouting and removing a truckload of trash which I must say improves the look of the place a lot. I throw myself into bed each night and sleep like a rock. Gary is on vacation this week and I have a potential renter coming tomorrow amid all the chaos. It looks beautiful and I miss talking with you. love linda