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A Little Girl's Magnificent Hobby

We enjoyed a fascinating visit to Patricia Ariel's life long collection of miniatures. When a young girl she acquired her first miniatures in 1930s and after moving to Tucson in 1979 she began collecting in earnest. Her miniatures and doll houses soon out grew her home and now reside in the Museum of Miniatures for your enjoyment. The skill and attention to detail is amazing. Linda tells me that one  doll house finger nail size furnishing can cost thousands of dollars.

John Bellemy Complex
John Bellemy  ca. 1880
A copy of the artist's own home, which still stands in West Newton, MA. Electrified by the miniature's previous owners, Mr. & Mrs. G Canfiled, and restored by Pat Arnell.

Potter's Studio
Craig T. Roberts

Yellow Rose of Texas
Brooke Tucker 1983-1985
The theme of this elaborate house is "The Day of the Wedding"

Apothecary Desk Italian
Doll sized desk with apothecary instruments and supplies make by Italian artist, Manuzio.

Brooke Tucker Christmas
All three rooms were designed and coordinated to compliment the china on the dining room table.

When in Tucson, you should go, there are hundreds of truly amazing pieces.


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