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Get Your Hot Peanuts Here

No matter where we are, the WINs always find somewhere interesting to visit.
Hampton Farms in Portales, NM processes peanuts grown in eastern New Mexico and western Texas. They roast about 2.5 million pounds of peanuts monthly.

Got our hair and beard nets and safety glasses, we are ready for the tour.

Some kind of antibacterial sole wash. The plant is very clean. 

The peanuts are roasted at 320 degree. It takes one hour for them to reach the other end of this green roaster. 

This lady is picking out empty shells and debris out of these freshly roasted peanuts. 

The belt moves rapidly requiring a quick eye. I would not want to do this all day.

Bagged, boxed and ready for shipping. Hampton farms sells peanuts to Walmart, Five Guys, and many baseball teams. 

Peanuts for fans to enjoy during the game.

Linda is making peanut butter from
honey roasted peanuts. It is delicious


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