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Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

Don Anderson made his fortune in oil, but Roswell is greatly enriched by his first love, Art. He used his personal collection and work of artists in residence to establish this wonderful museum in 1994.  Don is also a painter of some merit, who paints large landscapes. He also realized that emerging artists need time and space to where they can work and experiment. Since 1967 he supports an artist in residence program for 6 artists each year. They receive a home, studio, supplies and a stipend for one year.

Don Anderson's landscapes

One of my favorite Don Anderson's

Golf bag Shark by Magdalena Z'Garaggen

Totem by Jerry Kirwin

Golf bag Shark by Magdalena Z'Garaggen

Rocket Trailer by Robbie Barber

Exhaust by Scott Greene

Progress II by Luis Jimenez

Pinon Sphere by Rebecca Davis/Roger Asay

What a great museum. 



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