Parque Natural Mexiquillo


New Shoes and Games

Serenity got new shoes. Her front left brake hung up and did not retract. The pads ground down to metal. That sound of grinding metal made my hair stand on end. The scored rotor was turned and new pads for all four wheels. I highly recommend Danny's Shop in Roswell, NM for the great job they did.

Duane did a very through and careful job.

WIN Game Day

We formed seven teams of two. Game on.

Frisbee Golf.  Recording the number of throws
 to reach and hit the can on each leg of the course

Ladder Throw. That's a 3 point throw Mark

Blue 3 pts, Orange 2 pts, and you guessed it. Yellow 1 pt

My partner Linda shows great form
Water Ballon Toss  Throw to you partner, then they throw it back. 
Then take one step back and repeat. Last unbroken ballon wins.

Linda and I, despite our unbridled enthusiasm, finished dead last. But we had a great day.


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