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Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

The broad open valley that is home to Walden, ranches and the sprawling 24,804 acre Arapaho Refuge in called North Park. Any treeless area, a few acres to 100's of square miles, that is surround by forest in called a Park. At 8100 feet, the Arapaho Refuge is the highest National Wildlife Refuge in the U.S. This lush green grassland was enhanced when early ranchers diverted water from surrounding rivers to increase grass production. In 1967 the refuge was created using money from the sale of Duck Stamps. It is a safe harbor for waterfowl being pushed out of the Midwest wetlands by development. 198 species of birds have been observed here.


Yellow headed Blackbird

This Killdeer mother is feigning a broken wing in order to draw predators away from her very cute babies. 

Trying to spot Moose at the overlook

Found one

A squadron of American White Pelicans

Wyoming Ground Squirrel

Red Wing Blackbird

Raptor, but I don't know what flavor

A beautiful place if visit

Current location 40.839122, -106.312334

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