Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Leadville, CO

I moved south to a great boondocking spot just four miles out of Leadville.

The Mining Museum has informative and interesting exhibits about mining around the world. History, machinery, dioramas, and a walk through model mine. But my favorites are the exquisite mineral specimens. 

Rhodochrosite (red) is Colorado's State mineral.

Selenite from Manitoba Cananda

Quartz from Ontario Canada

Scolocite (white) and Apophyllite (green) from India

Quartz on Specularite from China

A huge magnificent Quartzite specimen

And everyone loves gold

1852 $5 US gold coin

"Littlle Jonny" A 24 oz crystalline gold specimen was
recovered from a Little Jonny Mine muck car in 1892

Placer gold discovered in Fairplay, CO

Lunch was next. I had some really tasty pizza at High Mountain Pies. 

It's called the Square Pizza, but comes round and very good

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