Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Chimney Rock

The 535 million year old Chimney Rock stands guard over this pueblo village that was once home to 2000 ancestral Pueblo indians. It was built 90 miles north east of  Chaco Canyon on a high mesa and inhabited from 925 to 1125 AD . It is what the archeologists call a satellite community to Chaco Canyon.

Off we go
Kiva on the self guided tour.

Metates for grinding corn
Christie and Jim try their hand at grinding corn.

We chose the $12 (senior) guided tour that allowed us access to the Great House on the ridge top. The Great House was built in 1076 and expanded and finished in 1093. It consists of 36 rooms and two kivas thought to be a ceremonial center.

The Great House and kiva with a spectacular 75 mile view.

The gangs all here.

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