Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Navajo National Monument

I took the ranger guided tour down into Tsegi Canyon to visit Betatakin which means "House Built on a Ledge in Navajo. The lush green growth of aspen, oaks and Douglas fir trees form a relict forest that has survived from the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

We descended 1000 feet into the lush green canyon on a trail built by the Navajos in 1930. They hand carried tons of limestone blocks into the canyon to create numerous steps.

Going down the easy part.
First view of Betatakin

100 to 125 people built, lived in and then abandoned Betatakin in a brief period of 50 years. 

Pictographs of Big Horn Sheep
and the Fire Clan symbol.

Big Horn Sheep petroglyphs

Going up not so easy. I got a good cardio workout.
Million dollar view at the free Canyon View Campground.
Current location  35.218472 -112.377909

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