Parque Natural Mexiquillo



This very old, 200 years plus, dead maple has begun dropping limbs and needs to come down before someone gets hurt.   John Foster may have planted this maple when he built his home here in 1780. He was granted several hundred acres of frontier land as payment for his service in the Continental Army.

It was a drippy overcast day when the tree guy arrived. 

Taking off manageable sections
one at a time.

On the trunk he would cut horizontally so the round would sit on top, then he would push it off.

When the trunk was short enough he dropped it. 

Slicing up the trunk

A lot of winter Wood

The next day Gary started splitting the huge slices into pieces that he could move with the tractor.


  1. Those big slabs would have made beautiful coffee tables!

    1. Yes they would. We talked to a woodworker that knows a woodworker with a saw mill large enough to cut slabs. Hopefully he will come by and take a look.