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Valley Forge

General Washington picked this industrial mill and iron forge site because it was close enough to Philadelphia to keep an eye on the British, but the 20 mile gap prevented a surprise attack.

Upon arriving in Dec of 1777, General Washington's first priority was shelter for his 12,000 men. Each 12 man squad was tasked with constructing their own shelter. To encourage speed and quality Washington offer a $12 prize for the first durable cabin built in each brigade. By February 2000 cabins were completed.

Cabins of Washington's personal guard.

12 men to a hut....
but rank has its privilege.

Washington leased the Isaac Potts house for 6 months to use as his Valley Forge headquarters.

The house and interior is 85% true to the time Washington lived here
General Washington's office
George Washington's hand also grasped this banister.

This four poster bed appeared only when Martha visited. At all other times Washington slept on a cot.

Aids room (left)
Aids room (right)
Original lock boxes, over 200 years old

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