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A Disaster Averted

Coming up the coast I noticed a vibration when I applied power to Serenity's drive train. I was worried that I had a bad U joint. I planned to have it checked out when I reached Coos Bay, a city large enough to have a RV repair shop. This is peak season on the Oregon coast and shops often tell you that they can get to you in two or three weeks.
The first shop I checked with told me it would be 9 days till they could look at Serenity. At the second shop, LTM Truck and Rv Repair, Lonie told me someone would take a look in a bit. Herb confirmed that I had a bad U joint and proceeded to repair it. Hooray!

Herb pull out the drive shaft

The damaged U joint

Pressing out the damage bearing

Replacing the drive shaft

I shudder thinking about the catastrophic damage the drive shaft would have done if it had come lose.

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