Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Around Astoria

First stop the excellent, do not miss, Columbia River Maritime Museum.

The gang at anchor

Nancy and Elaine's new doo. They are in a hurricane simulation chamber

Pacific troller Darle

A 25 foot, 1914, Columbia River Gillnet Boat. She was fished for 34 years by Victor Carlson, then by members of the Haglund family until 1972.

Early sail powered gillnetter


 The late William E. Whitten used this suit for some 20 years to clear snags for the Columbia River Fishermen's Protective Union.


Projection of global winds collected by NOAA satellites 

What a mesmerizing pattern

Coast Guard ship's honors. 
Each blue "snowflake" represents 2000 kg of cocaine seized.

Local dock squatters

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