Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Jetting the Rouge

I took a most thrilling ride 32 miles up the scenic Rouge with Jerry's Jet Boats.

I felt like a rock star. Everyone was soooo happy to see me.

Spooked Comorants

The jet boat only needs 10 or 12 inches of water.

We also saw Osprey, otter, and Great Herons

Nice catch

Doing a brody. It was repeated a half dozen times. Great fun

Pumping water to fight a near-by fire

He is also looking for a tasty fish

Another lucky fisherman

Passing by our river camp.

A retired jet boat

Someone tried to steal the Honda last night. They cut the tie down straps, but fortunately the cable lock held.

Morning discovery

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  1. Booby explosive traps should be legal, to take care of the low-lifes in the world...Just get a
    Glad they didn't get it....