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Star Gazing

Last night the WINs visited Sky' the Limit Observatory in Twentynine Palms, CA.

Their orrery (scale model) not only represents the distance between the planets, but also their orbital planes around the sun. The planets' orbits are not all on the same level surface, but vary a few degrees from each other. These variations are represented by the contours in the surface and the grey disks detail the orbit. The distance between disks represents four days travel for the planets. The planets beyond the astroid belt are out in the surrounding desert.

The scale is 20 billion to one

The yellow glass sphere is the correct size for this orrery.
The WINs are standing along Earth's orbit

The inner plants are frequently repositioned to show their correct orbital position relative to each other and the sun.
Earth, Venus, Mercury

 Though the sun is the correct diameter, the spheres for the planets are way too large. That tinny silver ball at the top is the correct representation for the size of the Earth.

Our guide said they wanted to include our closest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy. But alas, the marker would be about a 100 miles north of Mexico City.

Checking out mountains on the moon. 14 inch Orion.

Photo courtesy Sky's the Limit

Viewing Saturn's rings through a 14 inch Schmidt-Cassergrain
 with CGE Pro Computerized Mount.   

Today I resumed my trek east to Texas.
Heading east to Parker, AZ on hwy 62

I reached the border with my gas gauge right where I wanted it. 
Fuel was 50 cents a gallon  cheaper in Parker.

I am overnighting north of Quartzsite, AZ
33.7504217   -114.2104529

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