Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Alpine TX

I took a stroll. Nice little town with many art galleries.

Beautifully restored older building. 

Custom furniture, but not to my taste. Too heavy

This motel has a real route 66 vibe

Great Day of the Dead masks

I wonder if this great old sign still lights up. Kind of looks like a theater marquee. If it was, it is no longer.

Crossing the Pecos River

Nice spot in the Texas country side last night.
29.548247  -101.018680

Thousands of clams were left high and dry as the lake dried up. Serenity would have been under water back then.

Higher up on the hill I found fossil clams. 


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  2. Very nice pictures. Love the look of that furniture,
    and maybe years ago I would of liked to have it in a large sitting area.
    Happy Travels

    large sitting area. Years ago!!