Parque Natural Mexiquillo


And We Begin

Down to the Wire

The day before leaving CA I discovered my front air bag was leaking. I called along my route of travel and finally got a service appointment at Ben Odgen in Mission TX. This turned out to be very fortuitous.  300 miles north of Mission my brake petal went to the floor, but I already had an appointment where they could work on the brakes. I white knuckled it to Ben Odgen. I needed a new master brake cylinder which they added to the air bag replacement. It is now four days before the caravan enters Mexico. Parts are expedited but arrived late, Friday 1pm. The caravan leaves 7am sharp Sunday. Joe worked late Friday night and into Saturday getting me rolling. I was so happy to be leaving on schedule with the group and not playing catch-up.

Our wonderful caravan leaders are Kevin and Ruth, vagabonds extraordinaire. They have RVed though Mexico for more than a decade . You can also follow this adventure on their blog.

No customs agents going through our rigs. Every rig was X-rayed

Our rigs lined up while we are inside with customs. With Kevin and Ruth's guidance I sailed through customs.

And off we go across the state of Nuevo Leon. Very flat with scrub brush.

Is costumery to drive near the shoulder to cars can pass up the middle

Kevin and Ruth's friends Chris and Juan are members of Monte Sur Campestre. This is a huge resort site with swimming pools, play grounds, tennis and basketball courts and a soccer field. You become a member by buy one or more of the 4000 lots on which you may build a home. Chris and Juan arranged for our caravan to stay here.  25.094256   -99.787265

No hook-ups, but a great place to camp.

Happy hour, and yes, we are very happy to be on the road.

Some of the recreational facilities available to members. Very few people here now, but I was told it is very crowded in the summer. 

Some of the homes seen on our morning walk.
The log cabin style homes seem so out of place here.


  1. I'm certain that you will like your trip through Mexico with Kevin and Ruth. They really watch out for the people they travel with.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Have a great trip. Wish I was going along.

  3. It is great having you along with us! :-)

  4. Nice blog, look forward to reading yours as well.
    What an exciting trip your on!

  5. Nice to e meet you. Happy that you met Chris and Juan, great people. We have met Kevin and Ruth several times over the years. We have traveled through Mexico for over 20 years and have finally settled on Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra or simply the Isla as I call it on my blog. This will be our 9th season here. Looking forward to following your journey. FYI, my husband is one of Canada's top ten photographers as he edges closer to retirement. Enjoy your voyage.