Parque Natural Mexiquillo


To the Waterfall

We did a day trip up to a stunning waterfall.

We stopped at a small town to do some sightseeing and shopping 

Beautiful bread loafs

Spectacular mountain views along the way

This is a beautiful  state park with cobble stone walkways, picnic tables and a play area for the kids. Parque El Salto is located near the town for Ixtapan del Oro.  19.280132   -100.252362

There were many families enjoying a family outing.

What an idyllic spot

Another snake found me. I don't know what kind it is.

The water plunges down 200 feet


  1. Found your blog thru Kevin and Ruth. Even though you're visiting the same places, I'm enjoying this trip thru both cameras and narratives. Nice photos ! I could live w/o the snakes tho !

    1. As you might imagine, traveling with Kevin and Ruth is a blast. They are such great guides.

  2. Tried to identify your snake on-line; looks like a common viper rattlesnake, but poisonous; however, the picture shown on-line looked like it had just eaten its dinner.