Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Up Up and Way

Valle de Bravo is Mexico's most famous paragliding site. It is also world famous for its conditions for flying. The launch site is 1,600 feet above town. There are 6 paragliding companies in town. We chose to fly with Profly. They were very patient and gave us a terrific experience.

Pilots lined up for take off

The most nerve racking part of the flight is walking down the extremely steep take off ramp. If you fell nothing would stop you for a bruising 15 yards.

I have enjoyed drifting across the landscape in hot air balloons and flying in noisy ultralights, but this is the best. The only sound is the air rushing by as you pirouette  thought the sky. Totally amazing.

You can see the take-off ramp under the pilot's right arm.

The grass field bottom center is our landing zone

What a spectacular view

Lining up for the landing


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  1. You got some great shots there, Garth! What a fantastic time that was. :-)