Parque Natural Mexiquillo


New Friends Great Dinner

Kevin and Ruth's friend Silvia invited us all over for pollo a la barbaoa. It was a combo cooking lesson and fine dinning.

Appetizers, tasty homemade frijoles and salsa.

 Kids being kids

Silvia and Ruth getting 3 chickens ready for the pot

 Leticia and Ruth making the delicious salsa

Like any good party, everyone winds up in the kitchen

Silvia and Ruth dipping each chicken piece in a mild chili sauce. Lynette making notes.

 Chicken over a layer of tomatoes and onions.

Now a final layer of tomatoes and onions

 Then the rest of the chili sauce

On to the fire for 40 minutes

Dinner is served. It was delicious.

Can you say great company and delicious food.

After dinner we went to the beach to release baby turtles.

Helping the new born out of the nest.

 The eggs were laid December 1st. There were 66 young turtles in this nest.

Go Go Go

 Lynette's radiant smile after releasing her turtles.


  1. I have just cruised through your Mexico trip. Just have to thank you
    for the beautiful photos with their lovely rich colors.
    Elaine May
    Salt Air on Vancouver Island BC

  2. So glad that you got to enjoy a real Mexican meal, with our wonderful friends.