Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Dolores Hidalgo

The central Mexico city of Dolores Hidalgo was the birth place of the of Mexico's fight for independence. In 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo gave his famous speech, "Cry of Dolores", on the steps of the Parish Church. He called upon the people to protect the interest ofd the their King FernanadoVII  held captive by Napoleon by revolting against the European born Spaniards when had overthrown the Spanish Viceroy. He march across Mexico and gathered an arm of nearly 90,000 poor farmers and Mexican civilians.

Statue of Miguel Hidalgo in the central plaza.

The church where the revolution was ignited. 

The Hidalgo House Museum 

Lunch at the central market

I had some very good Enmoladas

After lunch we went to a pottery factory

This is a huge operation. Here are hundreds of molds.

The raw materials that will be ground to dust to make the clay.

Pots in molds on the left and pots removed from the molds on the right.

Smoothing out any irregularities 

Into the kiln 

His very deft hand outlines the design.

Skilled hands applying the glazes. 

 This company ships world wide. These pieces are ready for shipment to Switzerland. 

Zip ties insure the cats will remain whole.

Me and my new amigo

Another great day brought to us by our wonderful guides Kevin and Ruth.


  1. I'm really enjoying your travelogue! Thanks for taking us all along on your trip.

  2. Following you on your adventures in Mexico. We are leaving from Canada in a few weeks for a three month trip exploring Mexico in a class B+ pleasure way motorhome. Several destinations you are visiting are on our itinerary. we are religiously following your blog as well as Kevin and Ruth. Fantastik reviews!! In your opinion, is it safe to travel without a caravan in these areas?

  3. I feel it is very safe to travel in Mexico alone.