Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Puerto Vallarta to Escuinapa

It was 217 mile drive north to Escuinapa.

I took the 200 hwy all the way to Tepic and then a good to excellent free road, 15, the rest of the way.

Heading out of Vallarta

Ancient swamp just north of Vallarta being terra formed into Circo Soleil amusement park

Burning the sugar cane fields in preparation for harvest.

Huge surprise when we reached El Tobogan Water Park. 22.833736, -105.762875
My cargo bay had become detached. Damn topes! I am lucky it did not fall out on the highway.

 That is 30 gal water tank in the bay.

I emptied 3/4 of the water out of the tank and jacked the bay back into place

 This is the culprit. The bay was attached to this bolt that passed down through the sub-floor. It had pulled out through the sub-floor.

I had no access to the sub-floor, so I ran a longer bolt down from the main floor and used some aluminum angle to spread the weight over a larger area. It should hold.

It took a few hours, a blood sacrifice to the repair god Murphy and all is good.

I was so involved with repairing the bay I forgot to take pictures of the small water park. There is enough room for 8-10 rigs, but no hook-ups. When I asked attendant  how much to camp, he said what ever I wanted to pay. I gave him 200 pesos.

Today was 177 mile drive to Jardin La Rinconada, 24.598378, -107.300669. No hook-ups, but beautiful spot on the water. No one is here.

I took the toll, cuota, road around Mazatlan and then just north of Mazatlan got on the free, libre, road. Again the free road was in good shape, speed 80-90 km/hr most of the way. A few patches of 65 - 75 km/hr. Love the free roads.

Agave fields on both sides of the highway. That's a lot of tequila.

 Jardin La Rinconada

 Nice pool 

 Fun bridge

Tucked in for the night.


  1. Yikes about the cargo bay! Glad you are taking advantage of some of the camp spots we have found over the years.

  2. Just love your photos, especially the one of the sugar cane fields burning. It reminded me so much of the cane fields burning in Hawaii when we spent a lot of time there in the 1980s. Of course, the worse part was seeing the rats scurrying out of the burning fields.

    I was listening to the local news tonight and thought about you guys heading for the border. The current threat again was made by the mad man in the White House to completely shut down the US/Mexico border; before, I have just considered them empty threats; however, this time he has set a time schedule for shutting the border down, and the news has indicated that will happen sometime next week, nothing coming in and nothing going out. So, keep your hears trained on at least a radio station in south Texas for additional information. It is hopeful that there would be at least some advanced warning. Godspeed.