Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Villa Corona

We are have full hookups at the Chimulco Water Park. I have a nice mostly shady corner spot with great views.  20.410746, -103.670222

The water park is large with many pools. They are emptied each night and filled with pleasantly warm thermal waters each morning. During the week only one pool gets filled and we have the park mostly to our selves.

On the weekend, especially Sunday, all the pools are filled and busses arrive from Guadalajara. 

There is splash zone where large buckets of water deluge the people below. 

The lazy river.

We walked into town to visit the Sand Church. Major Navarro and his children excavated these caves over many years. 

Other excavated caves were used as the family home. Today only vampire bats call it home.

Lunch was a great ceviche tostada

Everyone had one.


  1. It seems that everyone is really enjoying this tour with all the hidden attractions to see.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  2. We have been at Villa Corona many times and have always enjoyed our visits! We were even able to reach the free WIFI using our Hawking antenna. A great spot and easy to get to from Mazatlan.

  3. Loved that amazing water park in that villa, thank you for sharing such a superb trip of you with us.
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