Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Quarantine Week One

I am only socializing with my sister and her daughter's family. We had to do some grocery shopping, with liberal use of hand sanitizer at the market and compulsive hand washing at home.
I am becoming Monk.

Today's count, four Canadian rigs and Serenity remain.

Hours and hours of time, what to do. Clean out old files and deleted emails, organize your play lists, and the ever popular, deep cleaning.

Now doesn't that look better

Removed and washed 15 years of encrusted dirt off my 5 dash vents.

Vallarta is shutting down. No problem keeping 6 feet away

Driving is a breeze on these once congested streets

When not cleaning, I have been playing Qwirkle with my sister.

For a change we decided to go for a drive. 

There is huge 830 acre project north of town. 
It will be called Vidanta World, opening in 2023 
The land is being terraformed into lakes and islands. 

Looks like a gondola ride from the east side to the highway

to the beach where hotels are under construction

Construction of the new toll road from Tepic to Vallarta

Interesting cat. It has the appearance of being covered in colored beads

First time I have seen these. Stick a light in them, they would look great.

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  1. PV looks so different! When we were there there was an annoying condo salesman every ten feet. I think you are better off in Mexico.