Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Times Be a Changing

Like everyone else, the sands are rapidly shifting under my feet. I need somewhere to hunker down, for how long is the big question. Returning home to San Jose, CA seemed pointless as it is the epicenter of the California outbreak. I thought about BLM land in southern Arizona. But then every two or three weeks I would  have dump and fill my tanks. I decided on Puerto Vallarta where my sister lives. No reported cases here yet, but it's coming. Contact with family members only for me. I am at Tacos RV Park with eight other rigs. 4 are Canadian. No one is hosting a happy hour.  A full hook up will make it easy to remain here for a while.

Spotted this bad boy down at the marina.

We went to Costco to do a little stocking up, this guy did a lot.

The reason there is to TP in the states, they shipped it all to Mexico

Costco is takeout only, no table to sit at, no condiments.

My sister Gay's home. 

Nice painting by Gay's friend Marta Gilbert

Wishing you the best of luck in these trying times.


  1. Bring some of that TP back with, it could pay for your trip!
    "I tried to drown my daemons, but the bastards learned how to swim"~ Frida Kahlo

  2. Glad to see you are doing well Garth, we sure hope it keeps up that way for you. Like Sue said, we all miss you.


  3. Just love your sister's casa in what looks like a one story design; one stories are so easy to live in. What caught my eye was a very expensive looking painting of Frida Kohlo who was a very famous artist in her own right and had a love affair with another great artist, Diego Garcia, and they eventually married. Diego Garcia was commissioned by the Rockefellers to design and paint the artwork for the lobby at 30 Rockefeller Center a long time ago. Since Garcia was a Marxist, the painting had those Marxist leanings which the Rockefellers didn't approve of. So there were certainly some negotiations.