Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Quarantine Week Three

Closures forge ahead. Vallarta shut down all hotels and rentals. There are not tourists in town. Just north of town there is a blockade at the state line. Only residents and people on official business are allow to pass south into town. The malacon has been curtained off. I think they could have left it open. I great place to walk and everyone was maintaining their distance.  There have been 8 cases in Vallarta, 5 fortunate survivors.

Safe contact with you mother-in-law

Beca and David playing Uno

No way was I going to a barber. Maritza did a great job.

Amazon, one day delivery. This will let the kids burn off some energy

Gay and I took a chance and got some rotisserie chicken the other night.
Very yummy 

Gay had some plants and potting soil delivered.

I scored my first triple Qwirkle. It is a great game, try it.

Stay safe.