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Quarantine Week Four

I arrived in Vallarta one month ago. Biggest surprise is how fast time passed. The first week and a half, every time I cleared my throat, sneezed, or coughed my mind screamed YOU CAUGHT IT! Now coughing occasionally does not scare the hell out of me. It was a good news, bad news week.

Bad  News

My son shipped my mail and medications to me via UPS. $69, but he found a coupon and it was only $47.  Then Mexico billed me $67 for import duty and the package was scheduled to arrive last Tuesday. When it did not arrive I went on line and saw this.  

Mexico charged me import duty and then returned it.  No attempt was made to deliver it.

The Good News

The kids had great fun hunting for Easter eggs.

The haul

Maritza made delicious Dutch Babies for Easter breakfast

Hugo does it again. Back in December repaired the actuator for my parking brake. During our Mexican adventure my oil cooler sprang a leak. I ordered a new one and an INCOMPETENT mechanic in Valle de Bravo installed it. What he did not do was solidly reattach the radiator and AC cooler. This were allowed them to vibrate and fracture the AC plumbing. 

I had a new AC radiator shipped to Vallarta.

Hugo and his son removing the three radiators, engine, oil and AC

The engine radiator was clogged with oil from the leaking oil cooler that attaches in front

All clean
The tabs on either side of this part that attaches the radiator to the chassis were broken. Hugo got them welded back on. The mechanic in Valle de Bravo never bothered to repair them and that one the reasons everything was shaking it's self apart.
Hugo and son reinstalling the radiators. 
He made sure everything was rock solid, as a two ton boulder.
The last time this repair cost $1,100.  This time $724. 
Hugo Alberto Lopez Roble cell 044 322 103-2028

Costco is ramping up protection for their employees. 

Not the safest way to commute.

We did venture out to restock my sister's soda supply.
This will last a few weeks
Stay safe


  1. What a job that must have been removing those three rads! Good to get that done!