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Down & Out in San Jose

 After a couple of days Josh at Bish's RV worked Serenity into their schedule. Thank you Josh. Towing Serenity from their parking lot where she was dropped by the two truck to a service bay unfortunately  solved the problem. She started right up. 

Mechanics report "Attempted to duplicate failure by performing a wiggle test on chassis wiring connections and removing specific fuses related to starting the unit. Unable to duplicate issue. On the PS of the engine found a wire harness that the loom had been melted from the exhaust. Reloomed the wiring and wire tied to a bracket on front fo the engine to keep away from exhaust"  

With GREAT trepidation I head out for San Jose, where my son lives, expecting the engine to quit at any moment. The good news is I made it to San Jose. I am now in an RV Park, UGH!, searching for another Trek or a Lazy Daze. Both are very hard to find. 


  1. Just curious to hear if you have found another motorhome to your liking (and see pictures of it). But you never know, Serenity may start behaving herself, and you might want to keep her a while. She seems the right size for you.

    1. Hi Dee,
      I did find another 2002 Trek. She is in the shop right now. I will be posting pictures soon.