Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Down Again

Camped above what is left of Shasta Lake, Ca

Heading north

Overnight at Seven Feathers Casio. Fire nearby


This is Serenity's third electrical failure in 1,500 miles. Driving along and then total electrical failure. Engine stops like a switch has been flipped. I am thinking a short. The previous  two times the shops got her running, but obviously they did not solve the underlying  problem.  Serenity has become a very fickle lady and can't be trusted. Her wandering days may be over. I am getting towed to Bish's RV in Junction City, OR.


  1. I know from experince that is hard to keep traveling in a rig you cannot rely on. The last few years of traveling in our sprinter motorhome finally caused us to sell it and move on:(

  2. Yep, that's pretty much what happened when it came decision time for Sherman. Just got to the point where we didn't know when we were going to break down again. Good luck!