Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Puerto Penasco

 Heading to Puerto Penasco which is 60 miles below the border. It is a fun tourist town with a population of 62,000 plus. It is the closest beach to Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma. 

Lukeville/Sonoyta is my favorite border crossing. It is so easy. There is never a line and a couple of border guards  came on board, opened a few cabinets and then I was on my way

You travel through mundane desert until you reach the coast and the beach front hotels.

My view
I and 24 WINs are at Concha del Mar Campground 31.316256, -113.552609. This is large dirt lot for dry camping only. Not my favorite camping style, but I am here to get some body and paint work done.

The beach is very wide with a gentle slope. Great for walking.

Out for an excellent diner. 

Another great day on the road.


  1. I'll be in PP in April (in a condo rental) so I'll be very interested in your comments about the area. Always on the lookout for a good restaurant so if you have a good meal, please post the restaurant name. Thx. Enjoy your visit! and hope you have good luck with the paint and body work.