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Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon is a deep canyon that pushes into the Santa Catalina Mountains. The tram is very poplar way to enjoy the beauty of the canyon. You can either do a 7.4 mile round trip from the visitors center, or as most people do, ride to the top and hike down. Most people walk back down the paved road. We decide to hike down the Phoneline trail. 

The tram ride up to stop #9

Steep canyon walls

Sabino Creek has exposed a large chunk of the underlying metamorphic Gneiss

Cool pools of water bring life to the desert.

Saguaro cactus standing tall 

Deb and Kim checking out the pool.

Gary and Debra
Heading 0.7 miles up the canyon wall on a grueling trail to the Phoneline trail. 
The elevation gain was only 700 ft, but felt like 2000.

A little splash of color along the way

You can see the Phoneline trail a little over half way up the photo.
The trail continues out to the far point before winding back down the road.

Ken on flute during a break

There was a scattering of tenuous flowers

A lot more Gneiss

After the arduous struggle up the canyon wall, Phoneline seemed like a superhighway.

Debra looking good

Looking down to the tram road.
Total hike 6.5 miles

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