Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Kofa Wildlife Refuge

The refuge, established in 1939 to protect desert bighorn sheep, encompasses over 665,400 acres of the Yuma Desert region of the Sonoran Desert. It has been raining turning the desert green.

Don, our fearless leader, giving last minute instructions.

And away we go

Cholla often referred to as jumping Cholla. The barbed spines do not jump 
off the cactus, but if you barley touch the plant, a piece will easily 
break off impaling your skin or clothing.

Be careful where you walk

The Cholla protected the young birds 

Ocotillo have leafed out due to the recent rains

Small leaves, huge spines

Lunch stop

A precious water hole called Little White Tanks. 
Water it life in the desert

Standing tall

The gang is all here

Jenell and Jane dancing the night away

Friends and a fire. life is good

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