Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Enchanted Rock

 Enchanted Rock is a small part of a huge underground rock called a batholith. More than 50 million years ago erosion uncovered part of the rock, and weathering and erosion of bedrock made the hills that you see today. Enchanted Rock is a small speck compared to the huge underground rock that spans over 100 square miles.

Enchanted Rock

Just above the tree line you can see a layer of exfoliated rock. 
Enchanted Rock continuously "sheds" its outer layers of rock as it 
contracts and expands. The result is large curved sheets of rock 
that break up and and can eventually slide down the rock

The hike up

A number of different species of lichen are found in the park.
They grow rate of 1mm per year. 

Tent camping only at the campground

Another wonderful adventure on the road.

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