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It's a foody day

With all this cold weather and rain, I decided to make Spiced Butternut Squash Soup today. I thought it would go well with some fresh bread. I got out the bread maker my boys gave me to made some Wheat Bread. Only 45 minutes to fresh bread.

Then, since this is the first really sunny day here and rain is coming tomorrow, I rode into Bend to satisfy my pizza craving. 

I had a Combination slice and a slice of the Big Island which I liked best. It was BBQ pulled pork, sweet hot peppers, bacon & pineapple on a sweet pepper infused olive oil base 
drizzled with bbq sauce.


Then to make it a really fantastic day; I got an early birthday present. I am going on a dino dig, a dino dig. The Forest Service has a volunteer program call Passport in Time. They list different projects through out the year. I was accepted for a horned dinosaur dig in Wyoming. August 9-17. My birthday is the 12th. YEPEE!!!

Time to retire to the hot tub.

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  1. LIFE IS GREAT!! Congrats on the dig - that should be a blast! Where exactly in Wyoming will it be? Love you, me