Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Out in the Forest

Prineville, OR

Relaxing in the Ochoco National Forest (44.37153, -120.38926)

Taking a walkabout

Found the resting place of someone's beloved dog

Headed down the road following in Tioga &  George's tire tracks. I have followed George's blog from the beginning, always interested in all the new places he visited.  Now I get to be a vagabond. Thank you George for blazing the trail

Camped on the John Day River near Spray, OR (44.81351, -119.87499)

It was hot on the John Day, so I am headed for higher ground

 What a difference a few thousand feet makes. (44.97575, -119.71574)

Down out of the mountains into the wheat and windmill country. I am headed for the my friends Sherry and Tom"s place in Kennewick, WA

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